17 - 18 Jan 2019

Hitex Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad
Manjunath M.S.
Advisor - Cold Chain and Innovation
Cold Box
Manjunath M S is a Subject Matter Specialist & Advisor on Cold Chain, Business Creation & Innovation. He heads his Advisory business under the Innovation In-Sight & Cold Chain Consulting.

Popularly known as MMS in the business fraternity, he is a graduate Electrical Engineer from the Karnataka University with over 30 years of industrial Marketing, Product Management, Business Creation & Innovation experience. He recently completed an Innovation Masters’ course at the Ingersoll Rand University.

MMS joined Rinac India Limited where he held several positions in Cold Chain Product Management and Marketing and left the organization as Vice President Exports. He was responsible for several key projects and clients like Coco Cola, Pepsi, McCain’s, KFC, and Novartis, in several geographies like East Africa, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & the Middle East. MMS is considered as a Subject Matter Expert in the field of Cold Chain Infrastructure and Perishable produce transportation. He speaks often at National and International Conferences on the subject of Cold chain & Innovation.

In 2012, MMS was awarded the National Award for Outstanding Contribution to Cold Chain. Among his Innovation & Business creation initiatives is the innovation of the Prefabricated Cleanzone Construction systems which were first introduced in India by him for large constructions of Food, Pharmaceutical and Auto industry. These paved ways for India to develop and install Clean Room constructions that were manufactured at factory and installed at site. These brought in a multimillion dollar business and also provided world class Modular construction exclusively suited to regulatory requirements of the USFDA and the EU GMP. Working with several companies like Delphi, Pepsi, Coke & Novartis he developed a keen interest in understanding the product and its ecosystem and their inter-functional relationships that can be leveraged to offer innovative solutions to the asset owners.

In 2010 MMS Joined INGERSOLL RAND as the Innovation Leader and led several Innovation projects in the geographies of China, USA, Middle East in the areas of Cold Chain & Air Conditioning. He has a deep experience and understanding of the domains of Food and Pharmaceuticals where Temperature Management and attendant Air Quality Management solutions are priority for profitable business. At Ingersoll Rand he has successfully introduced an innovative concept of Pathogen controlled Air Conditioning of Chicken Hatcheries to boost productivity and reduce Chicken mortality. The first pilot project was commissioned in January 2014 in India. MMS completed the Innovation Masters Program at the Ingersoll Rand University and worked as a Global Innovation Coach. MMS has authored and presented before the erstwhile Planning Commission, the Innovative Pan India Micro Cold chain concept that addresses Urban & Rural needs within one solution for Food & Healthcare dispensation. MMS continues to work in the areas of Innovative solution creation on cutting edge technologies with global collaborations. MMS led the creation of one of India’s largest Mega Food Parks in Andhra Pradesh.

MMS has been and continues to be a key speaker at several seminars and conferences for the subject of Technology & Innovation, Temperature Management and Cold Chain in India. He has spoken at several seminars in India & Sri Lanka under the aegis of ASHRAE, CII, GCCA etc. He is a Life Member of ISHRAE. He continues to serve on the National CII Cold Chain Task Force and Case Studies. He has been a regular guest speaker at India’s only Food Technology University (NIFTEM) on the subject of Cold Chain Technology.

As a part of the global engagements, MMS worked on Innovation projects in the geographies of North America, Europe, and China & Middle East especially in the areas of Energy Efficient Air conditioning COLD CHAIN.

He has worked in several Innovations like Air Purification / iOT / Graphene / Mobility Solutions / Cold Chain / Refrigeration & Air Conditioning / manufacturing A passion for listening and understanding customer concerns, a discipline for converting unmet needs to profitable business and appreciating the needs of the Customer’s Customer are what make MMS closer to the action on the ground.

A) Areas where MMS contributes to the industry
  • Business development strategy: markets / Business process / Attitude, Skills, Knowledge
  • Ideation for new businesses & New Markets
  • Brand building techniques for the company
  • Export business planning & execution advisory
  • New applications for client product & service systems
  • New technology development advisory
  • Technology collaborations advisory on processes & execution.
  • Representing firms on technology & business development platforms
B) Innovation Process training undertaken by Manjunath M S:
  • Ideation: Conduct Ideation sessions to ideate on specific themes for “Idea Hatch”
  • Exploration: Exploration of the Eco System around an” idea”.
  • This involves Desk Research, Dip Stick Surveys, Building of Business Hypotheses, Trends, Exploring the future of the “idea”. Developing the ‘Idea” into a “Solution” that answers the “Hypothesis”.
  • Innovation: Building the Key Elements of Value Drivers and Value proposition and Differentiation in the Solution. Validating the Hypothesis and building the business model & case for sustainable profits.
  • Commercialization: Bringing a profitable innovation to Commercial success